30 Acre Outdoor Farm – Choctaw OK

25,000 Sqft, state of the art indoor cultivation facility – Choctaw OK

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We are a cannabis extraction service and product manufacturer. Our goal is to help you optimize yield from your raw materials and create products to meet real-time market demand. Whether you are a grower, dispensary, or product company, we help create cutting-edge products. Simply provide the raw material and we will do the rest.


Our Dispensaries – Cannabis Outlet, Atwater Ca

Our Dispensaries – Cannabis Outlet, OKC, Oklahoma


Microbial – We are proud to announce our partnership with

A Silicon Valley bioscience company that focuses on living soil and plant research to empower specialty growers and their end products. A Division of Lucky Chief Research


Lucky Chief is a California-based, artisanal producer of high end concentrates for the cannabis connoisseur. We specialize in small batch, handcrafted “exotic” extracts that are known for their unrivaled potency, flavor and aromatics.

Lucky Chief is recognized as a “legacy” brand that pioneered some of the most innovative extraction methods in the cannabis industry. We were the first to replace butane with less explosive and cleaner solvents as a method that preserves the original cannabinoid and terpene profile of the cannabis flower, yielding maximum flavor, aromatics and strain-specificity.

Our team has been steeped in the cannabis industry for over 12 years and is dedicated to preserving its cultural heritage while continuing to push the artistic and scientific boundaries of cannabis extraction. We hand pick exotic and Land race strains from our internal catalogue that are almost impossible to find.

Ian Dixon

Founder / CEO

Trevor Norrbom

Founder / CTO / Head of OKC Operations


Head of Genetics / Lucky Chief Operations Ca


Seed breeding & Feminization

Oklahoma Development

Oklahoma development. Currently in Oklahoma we have an indoor facility also 30 acres that will be producing this summer.  Lucky Chief Oklahoma is about to open a Dispensary, Extraction Center, Mobile Extraction, Mobile Dry and Cure. Lucky Chief Oklahoma has a consulting team that can be deployed to your farm to help supply the knowledge and hands needed. Lucky Chief has SOP’s that can deliver results.

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California Development

Lucky Chief is a pioneer in the research, cultivation, production and distribution of cannabis and cannabinoids. Lucky Chief was one of the first licensed producers of cannabis concentrates in California.  Our vertically-integrated “seed-to-sale” operation has been on dispensary shelves since 2018.

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